This list was uploaded in February 2009. Please feel free to add fond memories about your year level… or friends..  by clicking on ‘comments’ below…. by sharing your happy/bizarre memories (& ‘submitting’ it) ….. others from your year can read and enjoy your stories… and hopefully add their own……

Is the list wrong?  Please drop an email to…. reunion@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au


BENNETT Albert, BOURKE Desmond, BUTLER Myrtle (now BAU), COX Evelyn, DELLAR Francis, FAIRMAN Dorothy, FLANNER Eva, GRAY Eileen, HALL Doris, HOOPER George, JACOBS Thomas, MAWDESLEY Ivy, McCLINTOCK Arthur, McCLINTOCK Mary, OAKES George Clarence, ORR Jessie, PRICE Eva, ROWLEY Mary, SHAW William McKay, THOMAS Reginald





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