1960 ABREU Robyn Christine (now BIENIAS), ARTHUR Carol F. (now DARLOW), BAKER Brenda June (now SHEPHARD), BARLOW John S., BARRY Maxene Joyce, BARTON Neil J., BECKER Anne Margaret (now BEPLATE), BIDDLE Laurence A., BOURKE Anne Katharine, BOYLE William David, BRIGGS Coral Lex (now ATKINSON), BROOKE Sandra J., BROOM Pamela Joy, BUX Barry, CARSTENSEN Phillip J., CLANCY Suzanne Leigh, CLARKE Robert Neil, CORONA Rosie Palanca, CRISPIN Melva Anne (now LITTLE), CURTIS Frank, DEWAR Robert Alexander, DOHERTY Gail Frances, DUCAT Alan James, EGAN Joan Elizabeth, FOLEY Russell John, FROST Glenys Margaret (now PROSSER), GILBERT Robyn (Jan) (now BOWEN), GODDARD Rosemary, GOGGIN Norma May (now FITZGERALD), GRINTER James Francis, HASSETT Geoffrey W., JACKSON Peter David, JAMES Mervyn John, KENELLEY Cheryl F. (now PARKER), KEOGH Brian Barry, KIRKHAM Yronne E., KNOWLES Elaine J., LEAF Alan William, LINDSAY Colin Victor, LOADER Patricia Marie, LUSCOMBE Maxwell Keith, MASKELL Gary Michael, MAWDESLEY Heather M. (now FROSTICK), MAWDESLEY John William, McDONALD Dianne J. (now MACMASTER), McKENNA Leo M., NORTH Bernard Leonard, OAKES Helen Margaret, O’SHANASSY Ann Maree, PEARCE Walter Leigh, PHILLIPS Geoffrey Ernest, POMFRET Graeme L., PRICE Maureen Lois (now LAUNIKONIS), PRICE Ronald John, PRIDMORE William C., REIHER Helen Catherine, RICHARDS Jeffrey A., RYAN John, RYAN Patricia F., SANDOW Olive L. (now MAXWELL), SAUNDERS Christopher J., SCHOKKER Hendrica J. J., SCOLYER Cheryl S., SCOTT Alan James, SHEPHARD Denis N., STIRLING Jeanette Ann, STOKIE William Alan, TEMPLETON Graeme Maxwell, THEYERS Ian Edward, THORNE Lauris Heather, TINKLER Thomas Joseph, TREWIN Heather L., WATSON Ian William, WEBSTER Kenneth Norman

The above list was uploaded in February 2009. Please feel free to add fond memories about your year level, or friends, by clicking on ‘comments’ below…. by sharing your happy/bizarre memories (& ‘submitting’ it) ….. others from your year can read and enjoy your stories… and hopefully add their own…… Is the list wrong?  Please drop an email to…. reunion@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au

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