1980 ATKINSON Ricky, BOTTERILL Faye, CADDAYE Jackie, CAINE Judy, CAREY Andrew, CHALKER Kellie, COLMAN Janine (now PILCHER), COLMAN Tania (now COLMAN), DUFFY Peter, FISHER Jamie, FROSTICK Mandy, GAFFY Shirelle, GALLAWAY Andrew, HAWKS Andrew, HIRT Suzanne, HUFFER Andrew, HUTCHINS Peter, JEWELL Kaye, LANCASTER Megan, LEAF Andrew, LEE Bruce, LIMBRICK Leanne (now RYAN), MADGWICK Sheree (now HUGHES), MALONEY Jan, MOOR Narelle, MOOR Shayne, NATION James, NOWLAN Scott, PELL Debra, PELL Denise, PETERSON Roy, RAYNER Jillian, RENDELL Glenys, SCHILLING Noelene, STANGER Geoff, SWAN Deborah, THOMPSON Dean, TREYVAUD Narelle (now OAKES), TWITE Karen, WARD Dean, WOOLSTON Steven, YOUNG Beverley

The above list was uploaded in March 2009. Please feel free to add fond memories about your year level, or friends, by clicking on ‘comments’ below…. by sharing your happy/bizarre memories (& ‘submitting’ it) ….. others from your year can read and enjoy your stories… and hopefully add their own……
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4 thoughts on “1980

  1. Year 7 at Nathalia High -what a year! Most of the ‘boys’ must have been a whole world of pain – I don’t know how we made it thru without being strangled by our poor classmates

    Best things? Home Eco classes (cooking was always my strong suit); Barmah camp; Trip to Melbourne; Swimming sports

    Wondering – where everyone is now? I’m in Perth – ‘helping’ my wife run a cafe & catering business – along with a few other things.

    Trying – to be better to people than I was in Yr 7-8

  2. Hi, Andrew,
    What a pity you didn’t make it to the reunion! There were a number of returnees from your class present.
    Names you might remember are:- Kellie Chalker, Tania Colman, Kaye Jewell (who came back from California), Leanne Limbrick, Denise Pell and Dean Ward.

  3. well cant say i remember a lot from then, i left nathalia many years ago and never returned too many bad memories for me , but seems like some of you have done very well, i am an aged and pallative care and community nurse, i hope you all find yourselves in a good place in life and wish you all well in the future i dont think i will ever return home after daph died there was nothing for me to come home to but i wish you all the best and a great future to you all.

  4. oh and thanks to this site tina and i managed to reconnect after 19 years and thats been great so thanks for returning to me my best friend ever .

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