1997 ADAMS Tegan, ATKINS Maureen, BERRY Bronwyn, BIGIC Dragan (Doug), BINDING Danielle, BOERS Dustin, BROWN Mark, BUTLER Mitchel, CHAMBERLAIN Stephanie, CIAVARELLA John, DOHNT Lisa, DOVE Adina, DOVE Trent, DWYER Shevaughn (now Addicott), FIREBRACE Melissa, GRINTER Linda, HENDERSON Cassandra, HENDERSON Mark, HILL Joshua, HINDLE Bradley, HOOPER Troy, HOPKINS(MORPHETT) Barbara, IDE Mariko, LAWN Brooke, LAWS Carol, MAKOVETSKI Roman, MANSFIELD Dwayne, MARTIN Danyle, McMILLAN Sarah, MOON Katie, MOON Laura, MORGAN Katherine, MORTIMER Tegan, PARK Tara, PATERSON Danielle, PATTEN Terry, PRENTICE Matthew, PRIDMORE Jessica, RYAN Cameron, SCOTT Gregory, SMITH Lydia, SODERMAN Shaun, STACEY Brooke, TAYLOR Dean, TERRY Ashton, VALLENDER Brett, VAN LUENEN Shelley, WADE Kelly, WILSON Angela

This list was uploaded in February 2009. Please feel free to add fond memories about your year level… or friends..  by clicking on ‘comments’ below…. by sharing your happy/bizarre memories (& ‘submitting’ it) ….. others from your year can read and enjoy your stories… and hopefully add their own…… Is the list wrong?  Please drop an email to…. reunion@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au

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