1952 BADGER Anne Edith, BURGESS Barbara, BUSWELL Robert William, CORRY Maxwell John, DOHNT Dulcie Lorraine (now FORSTER), DOHNT Grace (now CLARKE), FAIRMAN Graham Henry, FLANIGAN Gavin John, FREW Graham Francis, FROSTICK Neville George, GALLAWAY Trevor Alexander, GOGGIN Kenneth, HALDEN Glenice Mary (now HAWKS), HAYNES Clive Phillip, LEAF Beverley Joan, LUBKE Joan (now SLATTERY/CORRY), LUCAS Kenneth, McCANN Margaret Helen (now BELL), McKEAN Maurice John, McKEAN Rita Josephine, MILLS Stanley Charles, NEVILLE William Alan, PELL Janice Mary, RAILTON Dawn, RIDGE John William, SANDOW Dorothy (now HALDEN), SIZER Maurice (Glynn), SMITH Carmel, STEWART Charles Allan, SWAYNE Graeme Eric, THOMPSON Janice Elizabeth (now KOLOSCHE), TRICKEY Gladys E. (now FROSTICK), TUCKER Rose Ester

The above list was uploaded in February 2009. Please feel free to add fond memories about your year level, or friends, by clicking on ‘comments’ below…. by sharing your happy/bizarre memories (& ‘submitting’ it) ….. others from your year can read and enjoy your stories… and hopefully add their own…… Is the list wrong?  Please drop an email to…. reunion@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au

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