1990 ARBUTHNOTT Karen, BARTON David, BARTON Michelle, BARTON Toni, BRACKLEY Christian, BUTLER Dylan, CARTER Shane, CAVALLARO Kevin, CHEATER Peter, COBBLEDICK Alison, CORNELL Amber, CORNELL Salli, CRANE Geoffrey Colin, CRANE Susan Barbara, DAVIS Christopher, DWYER Michael, HACKETT Dean, HARBROW Melanie, HAWKER Nathan, HOLYMAN Julie (now SKIPSEY), HOWARD Paul, JAMES Cameron, KILLMISTER Darren, LEGGE Tracy (now HOBBS), LEICESTER Nicholas, LONDRIGAN Shane, LUCAS Michelle, MARIJANCEVIC Niki, McDONALD Sarah, McGREEVY Damien, MINOTTI Toni, MURPHY Glenn, MURRELL Julie, PATIENCE Trevor, PEDERICK Damian, SIMMONS Jeffrey, SMITH Alastair, SMITH Grant, THORPE Stacey, TROTT Nicole, WARD Allison, WILLIAMS Trent

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