1998 BELL Xavier, BERRY Ashley, CAIN Rhiannon, CHALKER Chas, CHALKER John, CHARMAN Brett, CLARKE Lorenne (Buddy), CLEARY David, COOPER Amy, CORRY Ruth, DELANEY Tami, DOHNT Natalie, FORD Samantha, FULLAGER Bianca, FULTON Ian, HANSEN Stephen, HARBROW Patrick, HAWKEY Casey, HELLINGS Luke, HITCHCOCK Ben, MARKEY Tristan, MASSINGHAM Paul, McGANN Bonnie, McPHERSON Brett, MEYLAND Gregory, MOLYNEAUX Christopher, MOOR James, MUIR Thomas, PATTEN Lindsay, PEARCE Joel, PEARCE Katrina, PRIDMORE Emma, PRIDMORE Rebecca, RYAN Carla, SHERRATT Toni, STANGER Candice (now TURNER), STIRLING Vicki, SULLIVAN Katie, TAGUCHI Ellen, TALBOT Lee, TAYLOR Vanessa, THEYERS Angela, TURNER Luke

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