About Year Lists

The Year Lists will be updated every couple of months … the lists are ‘exported’ from our reunion database which is really only at it’s fledgling stage… we haven’t even started entering married names yet… it is a work in progress…. 

Year Lists are based upon the Form 1 or Year 7 year.  If you started Form 1 in 1971, then you will be tagged with that year (1971), if you started in Form 3 in 1973, then you are still tagged with 1971.  This keeps you with your peers in the same year level.  Persons who ‘repeated’ a senior year are still tagged with their start year.

Maiden names are used in listings following by (in the future…) married name (if known). 

If you can help with these lists at all (married names, deceased etc) then you can email these to reunion@nathaliasc.vic.edu.au.

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