1966 ABBERFIELD Jan, BAKSH Thomas Richard, BAMBLETT Geraldine, BARLOW Elaine Fran. (Sandi) (now KERRINS), BINDING Lynette Phyllis, BINGER Robert Campbell, BOTTERILL Fredrick William, BOTTERILL Thomas Edward, BOWEN Alan James, BOWEN John Frederick, BOWLES Janet Eileen (now JAMES), BROADBENT Shirley June, CASEY Suzanne Ellen, CORRY Gwennyth May, CROWE Ian David, DARLOW Jennifer Kay (now QOSE), DOHNT Gordon Keith, FERGUSON Vivienne Dianne, GREEN Karen Lee (now SIMMONS), GREENWOOD Paul Bernard, HAMBLIN Leighton Brice, HANSFORD Robyn Elizabeth (now HANLEY), HENNEY Ronald Lester, HINDLE Julie Elizabeth, HITCHINS Suzanne Maree, JACKSON Geoffrey Thomas, JEROME Catherine, JOYCE Gregory Frederick, KIRKHAM Ruth Annetta, LEAF John McDonald, LIMBRICK Roslyn Joy (now GLASSON), LOWNDES Robert Dudley, LYLE Graeme James, MALONEY Julie Anne (now BEATTIE), MASKELL John Newell, MASON Alison, McCANN Lynette Ann (now HATFIELD), McDONALD Lynda Joyce (now KILLMISTER), McRAE Sally Anne (now HENDERSON), NELSON James Morris, OAKES Rodney Phillip, PARKES Leslie John, PEARCE Jill Christine (now GALLAWAY), PETROWSKY Marlene Ethel, POMFRET Rodney James, RUNDELL Graeme James, SCHILG Jeanette Faye, SENIOR Trevor Keith, SHARP Patricia Ellen, SIZER Jennifer Maree (now MORRIS), SMITH Peter Ross, STILES Karen Maree (now WILSON), SWAN Geoffrey David, SWANTON Alice Williams (now LINDSAY), TEMPLETON Colin Maxwell, THORPE Doyle Martin, TRENCHER Robyn Lynette, TUCKETT Stephen George, WALSH Patricia Ann, WAY Russell David, WILLIAMS John Alan Clive

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