1965 ADAMS Joan Ethel Marion (now WALKER), BALLARD Allan, BAMBLETT Esmeralda Glenda, BAXTER Stewart, BELL Anthony Ronald, BETTS Judith, BINDING Reginald, BINGER Lynette Ellen (now SUTTON), BOARD Eric Francis, BOARD Margaret Louise (now FROST), BOURKE Michael James, BROAD Joseph John, BROOKE Christine Anne, BUX Gladys Marion, CALDWELL Susan Elizabeth, CASEY Marjorie Lorraine, CHAMBERLAIN Robyn Mary, CONNELL Peter John, CORRY Eva Janice (now YOUL), DANCOCKS John Mitchell, DAVIS Ian Charles, DOHNT Malcolm, FERNANDEZ Begonietta, FIELD Barry Dennis, FIST Judith Anne, FOLEY Colleen (now REILLY), FOX Merlyn Elizabeth, GILBERT Julie Ann, GRAHAM Heather Mary, GRINTER Jeanette Margaret (now HYDE), HARLOW Norman William C., HARRISON Phyllis, HAWKS Patricia Maree, HENNEY Merrilyn Lesley (now FREEMAN), HEPPELL Ruth Lesley (now JAMES), HINDLE Allan Joseph, HINDLE Peter James, HOLYMAN Stuart William A., HUTCHINS Margaret Ellen (now BROWN), JASPER Murray Randall, KENELLEY Barbara Helen, LEAF Douglas Murray, MALONEY Russell John, McCANN Loretta Irene (now SUTTON), McCANN Raymond Wayne, McKENNA Maxwell, PEARCE Noal Raymond, PEARCE Susan Evelyn (now FLANNER), PINCHEN Helen June, PRICE David James, ROBBINS Meredith, RUSCOE May Elizabeth, SALMON Jennifer, SCURRAH Terrence James, SIZER Laurence David, SLATTER Gwenda, SLEEMAN Margaret Anne (now HYATT), SMITH Ian Keith, TRICKEY Ruth Elizabeth, TURNER Peter Francis, WEBSTER David Leslie, WESTON Norma, WRIGHT Kaye Denise (now JENSEN)

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