1982 AIRD Julie (now WILLIAMS), BELL Terry, BOTTERILL Kevin, BRAID Morgan, CAHOON Pam, CANHAM Tara, CROSBIE Dennis, EDDY Sue, FRENCH Brendon, FROSTICK James, GRANT Janet (now BROOKS), GRAY David, HANSEN Sarah, HARTLEY Carol-Lynn, HARTLEY Sean, HAWKEY Leanne, HIRT Wayne, HUDSON Andrea, HUDSON Peta, HUNTER Craig, HUTCHINS Helen, ICK Andrew, LANCASTER Sophie, McCONNELL Kelly, McFARLANE Anita, MOON Joanne, NATION Josephine, ORR Andrew, PAYNTER Fiona (now BERRY), PELL Andrew, PRENDERGAST Joseph, PRENTICE Kerryn (now HAWKER), PRIDMORE Kim (now TRICARICO), ROWE Corey, SCOTT Kerry, SMITH Byron, SMITH Kerrie, STRANG Anthony, VINEY Jason, WAASDORP Marc, WEBSTER Robert, ZAMMIT David

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