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1920 BLACK Daisy (now GRINTER), BROOM Myrle, CLARK Christina (Teeny) (now MAGNUSSON), COCKS Alan, DOHNT Charles Bertram(Bert), FAIRMAN Louisa, FINDLAY Jean, GARDINER Aldyth Eulalie, GIFFORD Elsie, GRIFFITHS Ivy, ISRAEL Victor, LASSLETT James, MAGNUSSON Frank, MALONEY Muriel, McCLINTOCK Gladys, McLAREN Effie, MILLEDGE Nellie, MINCHIN Christina, MUNTZ Robert Nelson (Bob), O’NEILL Reginald (M.B.E.), ORR Jean, PRIDMORE Elsie, SCHIER Rita, TOBIAS Una, TOMBS Dous Rose Elizabeth, WALKER Herbert Frank