1987 ARBUTHNOTT Zelda, ARGUS Stephen, AUTY Stephanie, BUTLER Kylie (now RICHARDS), CAMPBELL Bronwyn, CARTER Kaylene, COCKS Clarke David, CORNELL Mandy, CRANE Malcolm David, CURTIS Jodi, CURTIS Mandy, DARCY Kylie, DAWSON Kim, DRUMMOND Andrew, DUCAT Sally, FOGARTY Debbie, FOLEY Kellie, FROST Robyn (now FOX), FROSTICK Gregory, FULTON Gregory, GEMMILL Ashley, GRINTER Wendy, HAMILTON Tracey, HANDO Sally (now HANDO (CIANCI)), HANSEN Richard, HAWKS Christopher, HOWARD Ben, JAMES David, JAMES Richard, JENSEN Greg, LINDSAY Narelle, LOWE Jacqueline Louise, MacKENZIE Mathew, MADDIGAN Craig, McGREEVY Giselle, MOROZOV Michelle, MURRAY Julie, PACQUING Dwight, PARKER Dianne, RENDELL Cathryn, RICHARDS Amy Jennifer (now KOPSIDAS), RULE Michael, SCOTT Leanne, SMITH Paula Maree (now GULLICK), STORER Jamie, TAYLOR Alison, THOMAS Andrew, WEIDLE Kristy, ZAMMIT Jeffery

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