1970 ARMSTRONG Marjorie, BAKSH Dennis, BARNES Brian John, BEGLEY William, BELL Paul Michael, BRIGGS Beryl Edith, BROWN Donald George, BUX Glenys Maree, CALDWELL Trevor Maurice, CHALKER Estelle (now CHALKER), CHANDLER Meredith, COBBLEDICK Bronwyn Maree, COOPER Graham, COOPER Ruby Eileen, CUNNINGHAM Gary Ivor, DANIELS Elizabeth Sharyn, DAY Helen Margaret (now ANSTICE), DOHNT Diane Gayle, DUNCAN Joy Suzanne, FREEMAN Lynette Jean (now SPRUNT), FULLAGER Douglas, GALLAGHER Geoffrey Michael, GRAHAM Robert Leslie, GREENWOOD Mark Lee, HALDEN Vicki Leanne, HANSFORD John Richard, HENDERSON William Ronald, HICKS Debra Lynne (now McGUCKIAN), JACKSON Robert Neil, JAMES Amanda Jane, JOHNSON Julie, JOYCE Frances Maree (now BUTLER), LANCASTER Malcolm John, LANCASTER Rodney David, LEAF Leanne Elizabeth (now BUTLER), LEWIS Jim, LOGIE Debra, LUBKE Jennifer Ann (now HAYES), McGUIRE Helen Mary, McKENNA Julie Ann, MORGAN Greta Maude, OAKES Anthony Morrell, O’HARE Bernard, PATTEN David Frank, PEARCE Victoria Anne, PLEITNER Patricia Joan, RATHBONE Susan Gayle (now LEWIS), RUSCOE Jennifer Joy, SANDERS Kerry Jean, SWAN David, TUCK Deborah Ann, VALE Geoffrey William, WADE Kerry Anne, WALKER Colin William, WEBSTER Catherine Mary, WILTSHIRE Avine Robina

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