1979 ADDAMS Glenn, ATKINSON Darren, ATKINSON Peter, BAKER Jane, BALLINGER Helen, BELL Gregory, BERRY Linda, BOTTERILL Colin, BROMILOW David, BROWN Susan (now VAN LUENEN), CHALKER Scott, CHAPMAN Andrew, COBBLEDICK Narelle (now LOWE), COCKS Michelle, CRANWELL Michelle, DELPHINE Gary, DOHNT Sharyn, DONALD Tania, FOSTER James, GAFFY Lisa, GALLAWAY Richard, GROGAN Catherine, HUDSON Ivy, JAMES Lenny, LEE Joanne, LEE Noelene, McRAE Keith, MOROZOV Tina, ORR Kevin, PEDERICK Helen, PICKARD Andrew, ROBERTSON Shelly, SCHIER Faye (now MAHNCKE), SCHILLING Jeanette, SHEAHAN Tracey, SPACKMAN Wayne, SUTTON Joanne (now TERRY), TERRY Simon, TRICKEY Lynne (now MORRIS), TURNER Christopher, WILLIAMS Steven

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