1986 ADAMS Brett, AUTY Bronwen, BEGLEY Travis, BELL Jason, BERNHARDT Bruce, BROWN Wynton, COLMAN Brett, COOPER Shayne, DANIELS Kylie, DUNN Amanda (now FARNSWORTH), EDWARDS Wesley, EERHARD Romy, FLANAGAN Tammy, FULLARTON Brett, GILSON Naomi, GRINTER Brett, GROOM Tony, HAIGH Tyson, HARDING Adam, HEATH Sally, HEATH Stephen, HINDMARSH Marina (now RIDDIFORD), HOGG Michael, HOLMES Leonie, HUDSON Sally Anne, HUNTER Grant, HUTCHINS Matthew, JACKSON Stephen, JAROSLAWSKI Melissa, KIRKMAN Brett, LEICESTER Andrew, LIDSTER Donella, LINDSAY Debbie (now DANIEL), LYNCH Kylie, McLEAN Kellie, MILLER Rachel, ORMOND Janelle (now WATERS), ORMOND Susan (now PEARCE), POMFRET Merilyn, PRIDMORE Debbie, QUARRELL Adam, ROTHERMEL Miriam, SMITH Meredith, SUMMERVILLE Leanne, THOMPSON Krystin, TOOLE Nicole, YOUNG Melissa

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