1967 ARNEL Raymond Eric, BAKER Narelle Joy (now LEAF), BAKSH Alice Judy (now KING), BAKSH Rita Elizabeth (now HARBROW), BALDWIN Shane, BALLARD Maurice, BARNES Lynne Julie (now O’BRIEN), BARTHELSON Shirley (now CARTWRIGHT), BECKER Christine Mary (now HUXLEY), BELL Grant Maxwell, BETTS Dianne Joy, BINGER Gregory Ronald, BOTTERILL Joyce Elizabeth (now FOLLETT), BRIGGS Maree (now O’BRIEN), BRIGGS Paul Anthony, BROAD Judith (now DODD), BROOM Lynette Marion (now BEKTASH), BUTTON Peter (Paul), BUX Hilda May (now KNOWLES), CALDWELL Leigh Anthony, CARLAND Maxwell Stirling, CHALKER William John, COOPER Dianne Ellen, COOPER Robert Arthur, CORRY Susan Narelle (now RYAN), DAY Graeme Jeffrey, DEHNE June (now McKAY), DOHNT John Francis (Frank), EGAN Nancy Alma, FOX Kenneth James, FREEMAN Trevor Robert, FROST Aileen Mary (now YOUIE), GALLAGHER John Anthony, GIFFIN Pamela Noel (now LIMBRICK), GILBERT Barbara Jane (now BROWN), GRINTER Colin Herbert, HALDEN Karen Joy (now KING-JONES), HALDEN Sheryl (Suzanne), HANSEN Iris Janet (now TAYLOR), HARDING Marlene Isobel (now LUMMIS), HAWKEY Phillip Richard, HAWTHORNE Trevor, HELAND Brenda, HEPPELL Gregory John, HOWDEN Anne, HUNT Beverley Anne F. (now JACKSON), HUTCHINS Glenda Maree (now ELLIOT), HUTCHINS John Patrick, HUTCHINS Neil Leonard, JAMES Neil Maxwell, KILLMISTER Suzanne Joan, KIRBY June, KIRKHAM Ian Ross, LIMBRICK Wayne Clifford, LOWNDES Wendy Frances (now ULRICH), MASKELL Phillip James, MILES Sheree, MOOR Donald James, MUIR Thomas Archibald, NICHOLLS Rodney John, PEARCE Allan Thomas, PEARCE Jacqueline Margaret (now DULLARD), PELL Kay Glenda, POMFRET Glenys Robyn (now POWER), PRIDMORE Kerry Josephine, RENDELL Carolyn Maree, RENDELL Colin Andrew, ROBINS Diane Kay (now GOW), RUSCOE Arthur Roy, RYAN Peter William, SAMUELS Trevor Anthony, SANDERS Lesley Ann (now BENNET), SCHILG Wendy Patricia, SHEPHARD Frances Margaret (now SOLIMO), SIZER Vickie Elizabeth (now HUNT), SPALDING Shane, STANGER Gregory John, SWAN Ian Frederick, SWANTON Owen Williams, THORPE Valerie Ellen (now EVANS), TUCK John, USHER Raymond, VALE Colleen Margaret(Dr.), WALSH Glenda Margaret (now NESSELL), WEBSTER Anthony Charles(Dr.)

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