1971 ARMSTRONG Diane, BAKER Susan Lorraine (now KITTO), BAMBLETT Merle, BARNES Colleen (now HOLYMAN), BARNES John, BENCE Richard, BINDING Dianne, BOTTERILL Trevor, BOURKE Damian, BRIGGS Eddie, BRIGGS Ralph, BROAD Anthony, BROWN D. (female), BUTLER Trevor, BUTTON Henry, CALDWELL Jeanette, CARLAND Geoff, COLMAN Evelyn, COOPER Vera, COTTOM Caroline, CROW Viviene, CROWTHER John, FEENEY Sheryl, FULLAGER Terrence, GALLAGHER Brett, GETLEY Joy, HENDERSON Andrew, HILL Daryl, HOHMUTH Mark, HUDSON Eva, HUTCHINS Lynne (now SALAU), JAMES Wendy (now BOURKE), JENNINGS Russell, KELLY Michael, KILLMISTER Deborah, KILLMISTER Janine, LEWIS Barry, LIMBRICK Rosemary (now McMILLAN), LOWE Debra, MALONEY Wendy, McGUIRE Barbara, McKENZIE Carol, McNAMARA Ken, MORDEN Barbara, MORGAN Tony, NEWMAN Peter, PEARCE Peter, PELL Esther, PELL Greg, PELL Jeni (now DELANEY), PELL Leonie, PELL Wendy (now SWAN), PETERS Mark, PIKE Priscilla, PINCHIN Mark, RALTON Julie, RATHBONE Glenda (now BAKSH), RENDELL Grant, SALMON Alexandra, SCADDEN Neil, SESSIONS John, SMITH Julie, STIRLING Ian, SWAN Karen, SWAN Peter, SWANTON Michael, TUCKETT Shirley, WALKER Hilda, WALKER May, WALSH Bernadette, WALSH Lynette, WALTON Jeff, WESTON John, WILLIAMS Ian

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