1969 ABBERFIELD Ross, ALEXANDER Mervyn John, BAKER Ronald Lee, BALLARD Kevin Francis, BAMBLETT Linda May, BOTTERILL Gregory Charles, BOURKE-FLINN Robert, BRIGGS Hartley Hilton, BROOKE Isa (now BROOKE), BROOM Melva Joy (now LANGLEY), BROWN Fiona, BUTLER Philip John, BUTTON Esther, CARSTENSEN Graeme, COLMAN Rhondahe Valery (now JOYCE), CORRY June Frances (Dr.), DAY Robert William, DISTON Len, DOHNT Marcia Ann, ELLIOT Lexie Ann, EYRE Daryl John, GRAHAM Kristine Florence (now HOLYMAN), HACK David Edwin, HENNEY Phillip Lindsay, HICKEY Janet, HOGARTH Stanley William, HUDSON Rex, JACKSON Ian Douglas, KILLMISTER Shelley Galt, LEAF Ian Francis, LEAF Janice Patricia, LEDESMA Gene, LEE Dawn, LEE Melva, LIMBRICK Wendy Janice (now BAXTER), LINDORFF Jillian Maree (now DOHERTY), LINDSAY Lloyd Wayne, LOWE Allan, LUBKE Harold (Leslie), MAHOOD Tony John, MALONEY Neil Patrick, McCONNELL Shirley May (now KELLEY), MOOR Jennifer Jane, MORDEN Lawrence John, MORGAN Desmond, NICHOLLS Allan Gregory, O’BRIEN Naomi, PELL Ronald David, PETERS Michael Ciro, PRICE Linda, PRIDMORE John Albert, SALMON Elizabeth Anne (now SHRIMPTON), SENIOR Denise Heather, SIMMONS Robert, SIZER Christine Anne (now KIM), STANGER Wayne Leslie, SWAN Pamela Ann, SWANTON Victoria Williams, TEMPLETON Mary (now DEALY), THOMAS Noelene, THOMPSON James (Grant), TRICKEY David John, TUCKETT Kenneth Riley, WALSH Annette

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2 thoughts on “1969

  1. Hi Nathalia, probably don’t remember me I left at start of Form 2. Seem to remember all of us watching moon landing on the school’s only telly. That’s about all I remember.

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