1959 BARTON Ian Robert, BATES David Charles, BAU Laurel Dawn (now DIMOND), BAXTER William Robert, BEGLEY Trevor John, BELL Christopher, BOOTH Carol May, BOURKE Francis William, BOWEN Ross William, BRIGGS Heather R. (now ATKINSON), BROOM Russell John, CARSTENSEN Karen E. (now NELSON), CARSTENSEN Mary E., CLANCY John Richard, CLARKE Lawrence James, COBBLEDICK David, DARLOW Robert John, DOHERTY Ian Wilson, DOHNT Mavis (now LIDDLE), DUCAT Robyn Lea (now GAY), FLEMING Elizabeth M., FLEMING John Stuart, FLORENCE Lindsay Carlisle, FORBES Dianne Lynne, FROST Erica Joy, FULTON Gavan Frederick, GETLEY Vivienne Isabel, GOGGIN Margery Dawn (now GAMBLE), HALDEN Allan (Noel), HARVIE Roy W., HAYNES Grant McKenzie, HOBART Graeme¬† John, HOBART Peter James, ISAAC Jeffrey D., KIRKHAM Varie M. (now WHITE), LAWFORD John Frederick, LUSCOMBE Pamela Anne, MAIR Cheryl Valmie, McDONALD Mervyn Stanley, MEALE Mary Elizabeth, MUIR Marie, MURRAY Ruth Lynette (now MICHEL), NELSON Wayne Henry, O’HARA Christopher, ORR Judith Maree (now DARCY), O’SULLIVAN Peter, PALMER Kevin William, PARK Kathleen Mary, PAWLEY Anne L. (now HIBBERT), PEARCE Penelope M. (now POWER), PELL Graeme Ross, PELL Neville George, RALTON David J., RATHBONE Valerie E., REIHER Mary Elizabeth (now DOVE), REILLY Robyn Lesley (now MILLER), RENDELL Graeme D., SCHIER Maxwell J., SMITH Barry Alan, SMITH Ross Gerrard, STEVENS Gay Elizabeth (now GIBSON), TURNER Nicholas I., TURNER Raymond John, TURNER Tessa Joan (now WUST), WARREN Elaine Marion (now NAPPER), WATSON Warren Cecil, WILDE Robyne Anne (now PATERSON), WILKINSON Frank Maxwell
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