1968 ATKINSON George Ernest, BARTHELSON Peter James, BARTON Peter Richard, BOAL Kerry Elizabeth (now SENIOR), BUTLER Raymond Ronald (Ron), BUX Jedda June (now NEAL), CALDWELL Brian Thomas, CASEY James Vincent, COBBLEDICK Cheryl Ann (now CHILD), CONNELL Wendy Ann, CURTIS Ross, DARLOW Barbara Anne, DUCAT Shirley Jean (now HUDSON), DUNCAN Ian Hume, GALLAGHER Belinda Maree, GILMOUR Gordon Bruce, GILMOUR Jennifer Lynne, GRIGG Edward John, HAMBLIN Alistair Neil, HANNA Julie May (now LARKIN), HARRIS Gail Margaret, HENDERSON Michael James, HEPPELL Clive David, HILL Victor Barrie, HOGARTH Heather Anne, HOLYMAN Christopher Rae, HUDSON Reginald, JACKSON Fay Lynette, JACKSON Helen Joan, KELLEY Philip William, LIMBRICK Maxine (now ROSS-SODEN), LINDSAY Joy Gail (now CUNNINGHAM), LOFFEL Janice Maree, MacDONALD Judith Glenda, MASON Raymond, McDONALD Robyn Lee (now SUTTON), McPHERSON Colleen May (now GRAHAM), McRAE Fiona Joy (now WEEDING), MORDEN Merrilyn Jane, MORGAN Denise Elizabeth, O’HARE John, PEARCE Christine, PEDERICK Kevin Ian, PELL Charmaine Rosemary, PELL Colleen Elizabeth, POMFRET David John, PRICE Denise, SANDERS Julie Christine, SENIOR Julie Anne, SHARP Graham Douglas, STAMATOPOULOS Angelica, STEWARD Judith Maree (now LEAF), STILES Donald John, STIRLING Stuart James, SWAN Kevin John, WALSH Judith Marie, WALSH Mary Joy (now GEARD), WESTON Arthur Thomas, WRIGHT Ross (Lawrence)

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